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Virtual Exhibit Solutions
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Next Level Exhibits &

Interactive Experiences


Augment your reality with virtual exhibits & experiences.

Interactive “Virtual” Exhibits

Interactive experiences for live or scheduled web-based implementation.

Virtual interactive Exhibis

360˚ Interactive Facility Tours

Interactive 360˚ “tour” experiences for touchscreen and web implementation. We will send you the 360˚ camera and tripod with instructions. Put the camera in key positions throughout your facility and take a photo with the easy to use app. After taking all of your 360˚ facility photos simply send it all back to us and we will process your interactive 360˚ facility tour.

360˚ Facility Tour – VIRTEX has cameras/equipment available to send out to clients to capture 360˚ images.

Video & Animation

3D modeling & HD rendering for still images, videos, animations and 3D interactives.

Product Animations, video Direction & production

HD Process Animations and video production

Flat Photos & Graphics Touchpoints (Popups)

Add Interactive popup content to photos or graphics for touchscreen and web implementation.

Photography, images, drone footage, aerial photos with touchpoint popups

Interactive Location Tour Experiences

Create an interactive experience for your location, facility or campus by adding Interactive popup content to static photos or graphics for touchscreen and web implementation.

Interactive Location Tours and Experiences

Virtual Exhibits by Virtex

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