Company History

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The Journey Begins...

January 2, 1981 Guenther Weber signed the articles of incorporation founding Weber Maschinenbau in Breidenbach, Germany. Expanded several times, the original plant in Breidenbach remains our corporate headquarters.

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Full Speed Ahead...

Weber´s beginnings were well-timed to take advantage of the early days of IFFA, the international tradeshow that is now our industry´s largest machinery showcase.

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Weber Derinders

Early Weber derinders could enthuse our meat processing customers with their faster performance, greater worker safety and unmatched reliability. Skinner ASB 1000 was among the first Weber solutions brought to market.

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Weber Begins the Slicing Revolution

CCS 7000, Weber´s first slicing system, resulted from three years of intensive research, development and design investment. Revolutionary in its hygienic design and all-stainless construction, this servo-controlled system featured greater slicing capacity than any other machine on the market.

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Weber is a Pioneer for Automation Solutions

Automatic loading of sliced products into packaging machines was another Weber innovation, helping our customers to boost productivity while reducing their labor costs and human contact with processed products.
Weber sells Slicer #100.

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